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Surf Tours

Empty Waves and Secret Spots - Just Waiting for You!
All Levels Welcome!

Our Surf Tours explore awesome new surf destinations every weekend and most weekdays year-round. Join us and check out the surf spots that have made Southern California one of the world's greatest places to surf. Malibu alone consists of 27 miles of scenic and cliff like coastline and there's no better way to experience it than with me.

The Malibu LongBoards Guided Surf Tours work best for those who have had a surf lesson or two and want to improve their surfing skills by going to surf spots that can jump start their surfing abilities.


  • Transportation from Malibu or Santa Monica (or you can follow us to the surf spot)

  • Free motel/hotel pickup if needed

  • Surf Instruction

  • Free rental of surfboards, shortboards, longboards, SUP boards & paddles, fish surfboards, plus wetsuits

  • A trip to the famous SurfRider Beach



  • Discover where and when to surf the choicest spots.

  • Learn new surfing techniques to improve your surfing confidence

  • Learn about the history and surfing culture for each surfing spot

  • Learn where not to go for safety reasons – This is critical!

  • Learn exactly where to park and access public/private surfing areas

Allocate 4 hours total.
All ages are welcome.
Who attends? Usually a small group of 3 to 6 surfers of all levels


The cost is only $180 per day per person. Allocate 4 hours. 

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