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1960's Longboard Collectors, ever wonder what your cool Longboard might be worth? The longboard values have changed and are going up. We have recorded and researched over 1000 sales of 60's longboards, both public and private. We then put together an updated list of the values of the Boards.

Check out these classic 60's & 70's sticks. These boards are not for sale. They have already sold. The sold prices and owners are listed.

Do you have a surfboard that you'd like to submit? Contact me with your board and get a free appraisal.

1964 Greg Noll Figure 8 Stringer 10 foot; Restored by; Sold $1351; Florida Collector

9 foot Classic 60's Bing Single Rider; Sold $250

60's Greg Noll DA CAT Blue Resin Tint; Da Cat Style Fin; 10 out of 10 Lam; All Original Except for Fin; Sold $1600; Private Collector

9'6" 60's Classic Wardy; 8 out 10 Cond; Sold $430; Santa Barbara Surfer

9' Keoki Clean Pop Out; Sold $400

Dave Sweet 60's Single Fin Rider; Sold $400

Fully Episodic 60's Bing Longboard with Insane Lam; Great Shape; Sold

10' Noll, Stock 60's Atomic Lam, Yellow Pigment; All Original 8 out of 10 Deck; 1" Redwood, Wood Tail, Very Mellow Board; Reno, NV Collector.

9'4" Bing #3423, Stock 60's, Wood Fin, All Original, 8.5 out of 10, Killer Blue Pigment, Rare Lam, Triple Stringer, Classic Shape; Sold $800; Reno, NV Collector

1962 Con Paddle Board, 11' High Density Stringer; Lighter Than Air, Lifeguard Used; Sold $200; OC Surfer

1968 Corky Carroll Mini Model; New Jersey Collector

1962 Olympic 10'6" Triple Stringer, Excellent Lam; Fully Old School,; Thick as a Brick; Classic; Sold $187; Michigan Surfer

1965 9' Challenger; Penn Surfer

1965 Harbour 9'6", Perfect for Ride or Hang; #405, Two Inch Balsa; Perfect Lams, Blue Pig; Insane Original Old School Fin; Sold $400; Florida Surfer

1962 Dave Sweet Classic; All Original; Wood Fin; Sold $270, NY collector

1961 Sweeney 9'2" Old Style Fin Rider; Two Inch Balsa; $100; Hollywood Surfer

9' COSMIC COLORS Windansea Total 1969 Rider; Single Fin; Rare Fin and Model, Lam; Bottom Shot

9' Allen, 1961 Board; Tons of Color; Reverse skeg.; Sold $77; Detroit Surfer

1969 8 foot Greek Maui Model; Lam; Single Fin, Volan Glass; Sold $150; Knoxville, TN Collector

Old School 1960 Original Wood Fin; Double Redwood Stringers; 9'6"; Sold $200

1969 9' Doyle, Single Fin 1968, Yellow Gel Coat; Sold $199; Santa Monica Surfer

1967 Weber Feather 8'6"; Sold $430; Hawaii Collector

8' Single Fin 1969; Super Clean; Vee bottom; Sold $152

1963 South Bay Totally Old School Skeg and 3 Thick Stringers; Sold $200; Malibu Surfer

1963 California Pop Out, 9'2" Zero Rocker; 3.5 Inches Thick; Perfect Summer Starter Longboard; Sold $140; BYU Surfer

1965 Bing 10'6"; Redone; Incredible Colors and Shape; Sold $700; Reno, NV Collector

Rick VEE Bottom with Single Wave Set Fin; Plastic Fantastic Bottom

1966 Surfboards; Hawaii 9' Model; A Step Deck Stoney Stringer; Sold $405; Burbank,CA Surfer

Rideable 9'4" 1962 Bing Classic Stock with Competition Orange Resin Tint; Sold $300; Hollywood Surfer

60's Rare Custom Hansen Gun; 8'10"; Sold $105; Palm Springs Bar

7'1" Hannon, Single Fin; Jimi Hendrix Inspired Resin Swirl; Sold $101

1966 Surfboard; Hawaii 10'3"; Balsa and Redwood; Sold $250; New England Surfer.

1960's Wardy Longboard, 9'4", Pro Gloss Job by Roger Hoyt Surf Art Studios; Ready for the Wall or the Beach; Sold $200; Arizona Surfer

62 Classic Orig Hansen; 9'4" Stock; Sold $280; Colorado Surfer

Vintage 60's Old Schoool Longboard; Spoon Nose; Santa Barbara Origin; 8'6"; Real Clean; Teal

68 Hansen Master 8' Massive Colors; Sold $308

1964 Ben Rey Pop Out 10'; Wood Fin, Super Light, Primo Thick Paddle Power, Zero Rocker, Color Stripes; Sold $154; Florida Surfer

62 Beach Boys Style Bing 9'10; Colors; Sold $860

Hansen 8'6" Mike Doyle Pintail; Glassed in Fin; Good Rider; Sold $280; CA Surfer

64 Greg Noll S Stringer/Tail Block Wood Fin; 9'8"; Sold $1000; Reno, NV Collector.

Hansen 7'4" Derringer V bottom; Bolt Fin; Original Classic Transition Board; Lam Shot; Bottom Shot; This Thing is Stoney; Sold $250

1962 Dave Sweet 9'6 "BatMan Skeg"; Sold $415; Disney Animation Director; Studio City, CA

7' Robert August SwallowTail/Winger; Bottom, Lam; Sold $175; Torrance Surfer

1963 NY, NY Bunger 9'8" Wood Block; Sold $310; Pro/Am surfer, Makoto Yamamoto, Japan

Stock 1963 BING 9'6" Rider Triple Stringer; Sold $125; CA Longboarder

40's? Kook Box Paddleboard; Sold $110; Santa Monica Collector.

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