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Psycho Style Airbrush 70's Ole Stony; Sold $79

1972 Winger with a Swallow 70's Airbrush Deck; Sold $99; NM Collector

Chapman 7'6" Beyond Psycho Resin Swirl; Original Fin with Regular Fin Box; Totally Polished; Deck Shot; Sold $200: Newport Surfe

Plastic Fantastic, Funboard 7' Cool Board; Wide and Fast; Sold $100

Clean 7'6" NP Single Fin, 70's Specs; Mid 70's, Diamond Tail; Shaped by R. Dick;  NM Collector

Early 70's Fun Board Shaped Single Fin 7'2"; Real Wide and Real Thick; Perfect for a Beginner; Sold $100

1973 6'8" Bunger Lightning Bolt 71 Swallow (Bunger is still shaping killer boards in NY 40 years later); Sold $145; TX SURFER

Super Rare Hansen Fun 6' Variable Wave Set Fin; Rare Stratoglas (hollow) Blue; Sold $99

1974 6'7" Clean Single Fin, Miget Smith; 21" Wide; Super Thick; Sold $152; Houston Surfer

Fully Funky 70's Tiger Striped Russell Twin Fin with Swallow and Original Fins/Leash Loop; Sold $100; OK, USA

1976 6 foot Horizen West, Blue 70's Single Fin; Sold $40

Mid 70's Single Fin Kanoa 6'4"; No Fin; Sold $55

6 foot Bahne Single Fin; Beginner Special Back Shot; Sold $51; PA Surfer

Twin Fin Rockin Fig 6 Foot; Great Shape; Sold $112

'74 7 foot Ben Aipa Stinger, Swallowtail; Sold $100; Venice Surfer

1970 Bing 7'8";  Sold $105

8 Foot Big Wave Gun Single Fin Classic; Hang or Ride, Bottom Shot; Sold $102; NV surfer

Single Fin Honolulu/Becker 7'10"; Amazing Colors; Sold $125

7'6" Gun Single Fin Hawk, Good Rider; Sold $51

70's Weber Bonzer 7'4"; Original Fins; Sold $177

6'4" Hawk 70's Surfboard; Yellow, Single Fin; Winger with a Swallow; Sold; $81 NY Surfer

70's Bee Gees Era Stinger/Swallow Bolt 6'8"; Sold $150

G&S 70's Knee Board; Sold $31; East Coast Surfer

70's Rick Twin Fin Original Wood Fins; Becker Signed; Sold $157

Russell 6 foot Single Fin; Sold $90; AZ Surfer

70's Chuck Dent 7' 4" Beyond Psycho; Sold $100

G&S 70's Single Fin or Twin Rare Option Surfboard; Burbank Surfer

70's LIGHTNING BOLT 7'3"; ORIG! Sold $250!

Totally funky 7'6"; Sold

70's Rick Triple Stringer, Single Fin, Original 7'2"; Real Thick and Wide; Will Paddle Well; Sold $80

Austin Powers Style Bing Bonzer; Sold $125

70's, Robert August Lighting Bolt; Winger with a Swallow; Good Colors; Sold $450; Surfer Hawaii

Bay City Rollers Winger Swallow; Sold $125

70's 7 foot Single Fin; Blue Color; Nice Board to Ride; Sold $120; NY Surfer

70's ET Great Beginning Swallow; Sold $180

6 Foot Single Fin Hansen Airbrush Free Bird; Sold $75; South Bay Surfer

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