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1 hour Private $100 

add $80 per person if group.

2 hour Private $150

add 100 per person if group. 

Paypal welcome

Feel confident that you are getting the best surf instruction available. I'm like the Captain of the ship. I have over 30 years experience, and when it comes to the ocean, experience counts!


For me, surfing is like riding energy from the sun. It is the only sport I can do for decades and not get bored.


I will be providing you with instruction that I have taught on the college level. Here's just some of what I will teach you in a one or two hour lesson.


Call or Text Matt at 310.467.6898 or email


"The coolest guy ever" LA Times



  • Learn what size surfboard is best for you. Size matters. Click here for more on this subject.

  • Learn where and when to surf. Some spots are good in the summer and others in the winter.

  • Learn how tides effect the shapes of the waves. Some spots only break on low tide and others on high tide.

  • Learn what wetsuit is best for you. Wetsuits have come a long way since the 60's. The proper one will be the one that is warmest and most flexible.

  • Learn surfing rules and etiquette. This is a must for every surfer and will help prevent accidents and/or collisions.


  • Learn how to paddle to the wave and where to paddle from. I'll teach you proper timing. I'll show you what to look for.

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  • Learn how to paddle out thru waves. Get to where the waves break best.

  • Learn which way to go on the wave. Going the wrong way may lead to a wipe out.

  • Learn how to put the brakes on your surfboard. Be a safe surfer.

  • Learn how to pop up the right way on the surfboard. You'll practice on shore before entering the water


  • Malibu

  • Santa Monica

  • Venice

(If your beach is not listed please call for special arrangements)


  • I offer both individual and group lessons year round (Group rates are available.).

  • I offer one hour and two hour lessons. (I recommend the two hour lessons.)

  • I provide free gear, surfboard and wetsuit rental.

  • I teach year round.

  • Reserve your lessons today.

  • Upon request my lessons can be customized to teach SUP or boogie boarding.

  • Call, text, or book your lesson online today. My personal cell is (310) 467 6898.

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Learn how to ride the wave of your life with the most experienced, permitted, and insured instructor in Los Angeles. I look forward to teaching you, your family and your friends how to surf.


Thanks again,



call or text
(310) 467 6898


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