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Soft surfboards have been around since the late 70s. They have proven to be a great way to get started without some of the drawbacks of the traditional fiberglass surfboards.

Traditional surfboards have a foam core with fiberglass wrapping on the outside to provide strength. Foam or soft surboards are "soft" like a boogie board. This makes them safer to learn on and great for kids and beginners.

Soft surfboards are less expensive than the fiberglass boards yet are fast and high performing. They are a great way to get started while being easy on the pocketbook

They are durable and some makes are even maintenance free.

There are a number of makers of the Soft Boards. Below is a general review of some of these boards.

1. Liquid Shredders The Shredder is great for smaller kids and beginners. I consider it a "best buy" for kids. It's top quality, has a high performance design, is fast and fun. Plus it comes with free leashes. Yet, it's reasonably priced.

This exciting board brings the thrill of surfing to young people who've previously had to wait years to begin riding the waves. Shredder™ is designed specifically to "fill the gap" between cheap belly boards and high priced glass and foam surfboards.

Parents love them. Soft is less dangerous and less expensive for the novice surfer and parents. Low cost of ownership, state of the art materials including aircraft quality vinyl covering, and real laminated wood stringer make this board durable. It will not absorb water even if dropped, dinged or dented. It is truly maintenance free with no repairs required. Plus, it's a real surfboard!!

2.Custom X Soft Surfboards Top quality product. Excellent shaped soft boards at reasonable prices. Very safe fin set up. Very Durable.

3. Doyle Soft Surfboards Great learning boards. Very thick and easy to paddle with various sizes to choose from and been around since the 70's. Very durable and can last for a decade or more.

4. Soft Top Surfboards Very nice boards. Look great with soft top and slick bottom. A good board to learn on but has sharp fins. Medium Durable.

5. Malibu Surfrider Surfboards New maker of surfboards. Makes a kid's board right now and is very small size, good for kids 11 and under. Durability unknown as not been around very long so it is hard to say. Very reasonable price for little kids board.

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