Santa Monica Surf Class Surf Lessons

Want to go surfing in Santa Monica, CA? You found the right guy. I have been teaching full time in Santa Monica insured and permitted since 1999. Let's go surfing soon. Call or Text Matt at 310.467.6898 to join all the surfing fun year round in Santa Monica, CA. santa monica... 				</div>
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Ask a Journeyman surfer longboarder any questions

What's up surfers? This is Matt at Malibu Longboards I get a lot of questions asked about where when how what for surfing and SUP. I thought I would set up those surf related questions for the world to see. This is my first Blog post set up for that. Ask away! thanks, Matt   [embed][/embed]...
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History of Surfing

Surfing has been around for centuries. When Captain Cook first saw surfers in Hawaii, guys and girls were surfing together naked. Well, the explorers and missionaries were not so stoked by that so they banned it. Fortunately, the natives continued to sneak away and go surfing. If they hadn't, this sport might have become a...
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Los Angeles Area Surf Spots

Malibu, CA: Surfing in Malibu is an amazing experience. There are 27 miles of coastline to explore with about a dozen known surf breaks. These range from point breaks and reef breaks to beach breaks. The most famous surf spot is Surfrider by Malibu Pier. It is one of the few surf spots in the...
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Soft Surfboards – Do they work or what?



Soft surfboards have been around since the late 70s. They have proven to be a great way to get started without some of the drawbacks of the traditional fiberglass surfboards. Traditional surfboards have a foam core with fiberglass wrapping on...
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What Size Surfboard Should I Use?



Jun 17, 2014 by Matt Rosas
Hi this is Matt at MalibuLongBoards Surf School. I get asked this question a lot: “What size surfboard should I use to learn surfing?” There are so many surfboards out there that it gets to be very confusing. You have...
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