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Teaching at most Los Angeles area Beaches
Have FUN Learning to Surf!
Surfing is Like Riding Energy
From the Sun!

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Teaching at most Los Angeles area Beaches
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Teaching at most Los Angeles area Beaches
Learn where to surf, the best times to surf, & how to catch the best waves!

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Teaching at most Los Angeles area Beaches
Matt Rosas has the Knowledge, Skill, and Experience that a Great Teacher Should Have!

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Teaching at most Los Angeles area Beaches
Malibu Longboards Surf School
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Surf Lesson Sign Up!

Teaching at most Los Angeles area Beaches
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Teaching at most Los Angeles area Beaches

Amazing Surf & SUP Lessons at Malibu LongBoards 

TOP 3 Locations to learn surfing and paddleboarding:

Santa Monica           Venice           Marina Del Rey

Surf Santa Monica

Santa Monica Surf Lessons

Venice Beach

Venice Beach Surf Lessons

Marina Del Rey SUP

Marina Del Rey SUP

Daily Surf Lessons, 8AM, 10AM, Noon, 1 PM, 3 PM Surf Class , Surf Camp, SUP LessonsSurfboard Rentals and Paddleboard Rentals.... Dude, show me how to surf! Seriously, I want to learn.

Some of Our Surfing and Paddleboard Clients

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Surfing is like riding "energy from the sun." Literally that is exactly what you are doing. I will provide everything you need to get fully stoked on this sport. That is - Surf Lessons, Paddleboard Lessons, Surf Shop and surfboard and paddleboard rentals. It is the only sport I can do for decades and not get bored.  I'll teach you how to catch the waves, how to turn, stop, where to surf and what surfboard size is right for you. You will join the exclusive few who ride "energy from the sun"

I am one of the few OG dudes who will show how to surf properly and safely in SoCal.

Most of my local competitors are not even from Cali much less permitted by the city. I know that is cray cray.

Make the right call, text or email to go surfing today!

Check out my Daily Santa Monica SURF CLASS at 10AM! Only $60 per class.  Includes all gear.

Email, Call or Text Matt at 310.467.6898 today!

thanks, Matt

Our surf school has been featured in major publications and on national TV. Schedule your awesome surf lesson or paddleboard lesson today at Malibu Longboards Surf School.

Take a short video trip with me to Malibu. Check out these choice surf and stand-up paddlebord (SUP) spots. Call Matt at Malibu Longboards Surf School for surf and SUP lessons


Surfing has been around for centuries. When Captain Cook first saw surfers in Hawaii, guys and girls were surfing together naked. Well, the explorers and missionaries were not so stoked by that so they banned it. Fortunately, the natives continued to sneak away and go surfing. If they hadn't, this sport might have become a lost art.

Fast forward a couple hundred years and George Freeth was showing the world what surfing was all about. He was billed as the "Man Who Could Walk On Water." Right here in Santa Monica, in front of the Casa Del Mar Hotel, ten thousand folks showed up to watch that man and the rest is history.

Originally surfboards were very expensive and it was a pretty exclusive sport. That was until the 1960s. Surfing exploded as Hollywood, the Gidgit movies and the Beach Boys made surfing cool. Surfboards began selling at gas stations for $50. J. Paul Getty was asked, "What was the part that brought happiness to his life?" He said that even with all of his businesses and family successes, he was most happy when he was surfing in Malibu. (He even located the original museum right there in Malibu off PCH).

Do yourself a flavor flav and check this sport out. There are very few rules, no scores, no referees and it's all about having fun. I can tell you from personal experience it might even change your life. Surfing Lessons, Stand Up Paddleboard Lessons, Surfboard Rentals, Paddle Board Rentals, Surf Class, Adult Surf Camp.

Thanks, Matt

"the coolest guy ever"-LA Times



Malibu Longboards Surf School Paddleboard Lessons As Seen On TV

Paddleboard Lessons As Seen On TV











Welcome Los Angeles, Malibu, Santa Monica and Venice surfers

Our goal is to teach you surfing and stand up paddle boarding safely and properly. Our mission is for you to have fun.

Malibu Longboards Surf Lessons

Let us teach you how to surf. Our 30+ years of experience, our passion for surfing, and our College level teaching experience will allow you to learn to surf faster than any other Surf School. Don't waste your time on surf schools without our experience.

Stand-Up Paddleboard Lessons

In addition to providing Stand-Up Paddleboard lessons that are second to none, We know all of the best places from Marina Del Rey to Ventura to Launch and enjoy your Paddleboard activities.

Surf Camps for Adults and Children

Surf Camp is a great way to learn to surf while making great friends with the others in your camp. For you parents looking for activities for your children, surf camp is available at most of the Los Angeles Beaches. Give us a call and setup your Surf Camp while we still have openings.



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