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Malibu Surfing and SUP Maps

Hi, this is Matt at with surfboard, SUP rentals and lessons. Text 310.467.6898

There are several great spots in Malibu to surf or SUP. I will cover the good ones here.

Starting just south of Malibu Proper is Topanga State Beach and making our way up to LA County line/Ventura.

Topanga Beach / Point

Topanga is a mostly rocky reef type surf spot so make sure you land flat if you wipe out and don't forget to cover your head and face. Not to scare you or anything as this is the same rule at any shallow type beach break too. Now for the surfing at Topanga Point mostly is a right hand wave. The take off spot is a bit tight and sometimes the vibes are not as cool as the other spots in Malibu just so you know. I have my theories as to why but just a heads up. It can break year round 1 to 8 foot. In fact the biggest wave I have ever surfed I am pretty sure was at Topanga. It was a big winter day with perfect weather and you had to time the sets to get out. Most dudes could not get out that day but if you timed it right and paddled in a sprint you were in. Otherwise you can paddle out at the top of the point or at the bay by the beach.

Parking is available in a paid lot or on PCH.

Topanga State Beach

18700 Pacific Coast Hwy

Topanga, CA 90265

Best times are usually mornings or anytime for glass off days.

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