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Want to go surfing in Santa Monica, CA? You found the right guy. I have been teaching full time in Santa Monica insured and permitted since 1999. Let's go surfing soon.

Call or Text Matt at 310.467.6898 to join all the surfing fun year round in Santa Monica, CA.

surf lessons

What's up surfers? This is Matt at Malibu LongBoards. If you want to progress or just start to learn surfing this Santa Monica two hour surf class just might be perfect for you. We usually start at 10 AM and all the surfboards, longboards and wetsuits are provided. You are always welcome to bring your own as well.

Santa Monica is known as a very beginner friendly place to surf. It has a sandy bottom and can break on most days and tides. I have taught 1000's of surf students in Santa Monica. It really is an ideal place to learn or get better.

surf lessons in santa monica

My World Famous Santa Monica Surf

Class since 2000

  • Santa Monica learn what size surfboard or longboard is best for you. Size matters. Click here for more on this subject. Usually the bigger the better for learning surfing.

  • Santa Monica learn where and when to surf. Some surf spots are good in the summer and others in the winter. Learn where and when these local surf spots are best for your surfing level.

  • Santa Monica learn how tides totally effect the shapes of the waves. Some spots only break on low tide and others on high tide.

  • Learn what wetsuit type is best for you. Wetsuits have come a long way since the 60's. The proper one will be the one that is warmest and most flexible.

  • Learn all the surfing rules and etiquette. This is a must for every Santa Monica surfer and will help prevent accidents and/or collisions.


  • Learn how to paddle to the wave and where to position to start your paddle from. I'll teach you proper timing to set up your wave. I'll show you what to look for in Santa Monica.

  • Learn how to paddle out thru waves at beach breaks. Get to where the waves break in Santa Monica best.

  • Learn which way to go on the wave. Going the wrong way may lead to a gnarly wipe out.

  • Learn how to put the brakes on your surfboard. Be a safe surfer in Santa Monica.

  • Learn how to pop up properly on the surfboard. We will practice on the sand first before entering the water.

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