Check out what our students say about us:


Hey Matt, my name is Stephen, you and another girl taught me and my girlfriend Jennifer how to surf back in May at Santa Monica. I just wanted to tell you how stoked I am to have learned to surf. I have gone out almost everyday since that day, (even when the surf is not good) just to be on the my surfboard. Thanks again, surfing has definitely changed my life. Stephen

Hi Matt, i'm returning to LA next week, will be there about ten days.  Would love to get in another surf lesson or two... Best, Nicole,  Alexandria, Virginia

Hi – just wanted to thank you for the lessons on Sunday and Monday – I had a great time! I’m back at work now, but wish I could still be on the beach with y’all… all the best - until next time! Hannah

Hi Matt, I just wanted to say thank you for my surfing lessons. I really appreciate your willingness to teach me yourself. I feel really safe and comfortable with you and that is very helpful since I am self-conscious due to my fitness level and body size. I am committed to becoming a skilled surfer and look forward to learning more.  See you soon. Warm Regards,  Stacey Moore