Surfboard Rentals


Surfboard Rentals

Be sure to reserve your surfboard and wetsuit early!

What type of surfboard should you rent?

That depends on your comfort and safety level. If you are a beginner you might use a straight up foam surfboard in the same manner that one might use a boogie board. As you get better you might progress to a shorter or more high performance type of board. Most regular surfers use fiberglass surfboards exclusively.

Traditional fiberglass surfboards are hand shaped and usually custom made to order. They paddle fast and perform the best when it comes to turning and catching waves in a more vertical situation. They possess a hard rail/edge. Just imagine going snowboarding or skiing and having to use a soft snowboard or ski. It wouldn't work. It's not quite the same with surfing but pretty close. You need a hard rail/edge to turn properly.

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With that said, I will make sure that you get a board suitable for your use and skill level. I've been making surfboards since I was a kid and I know surfboards.

We have a huge selection of surfboards for rent.

  • Fiberglass Surfboards
  • Longboards
  • Fish Surfboards
  • Fun Surfboards
  • Experimental Surfboards
  • Short Surfboards
  • Epoxy Surfboards
  • Soft-Top Surfboards,
  • Foam boards
  • Boogie Boards.


Rental Fees:

  • Surfboard Rentals $25
  • Wetsuit $5
  • Boogie Board Rentals $10
  • Life Jacket Rentals $5 (Marina Del Rey requires life jackets for paddleboarding.)

Be sure to call and reserve your surfboard and wet suit early! Not sure what size to get? Call or email me with your height and weight and we'll figure it out.

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