Surf Camp

The original amazing SURF CAMP in Santa Monica, Malibu and Venice Surf, Lunch, Surf Camp for all ages and levels of surfing.


Surf, Lunch, Surf program - Surf Camp by Malibu LongBoards since 1999.

Are you a parent looking for that extra special camp experience for your kids? Are you visiting Southern California and want that extra special beach experience with friends or family? Are you looking for a memorable corporate team building activity? Then plan on signing up for my California Surf Camp. You will receive the same invaluable instruction that both my private and college students receive.


If you are a working parent or guardian you face challenges when it comes to getting your kids to and from their activities. If you are visiting Southern California and staying in a motel/hotel you might need a little help getting to and from the beach. Call me. I can provide door to door pick-up and drop-off - totally flexible with any special request.


  • Learn what size surfboard is best for you. Size matters. Click here for more on this subject.
  • Learn where and when to surf. Some spots are good in the summer and others in the winter.
  • Learn how tides effect the shapes of the waves. Some spots only break on low tide and others on high tide.
  • Learn what wetsuit is best for you. Wetsuits have come a long way since the 60's. The proper one will be the one that is warmest and most flexible.
  • Learn surfing rules and etiquette. This is a must for every surfer and will help prevent accidents and/or collisions.


In the Water Training

  • Learn how to paddle to the wave and where to paddle from. Learn proper timing. I'll show you what to look for.
  • Learn how to paddle out thru waves. Get to where the waves break best.
  • Learn which way to go on the wave. Going the wrong way may lead to a wipe out.
  • Learn how to put the brakes on your surfboard. Be a safe surfer.
  • Learn how to pop on the surfboard. You'll practice on shore before entering the water.


Each Student Will Also Receive:

  • Free Surf Video
  • Surfing Info Package - The Surfing Info Package Includes
    • Valuable Surfing Secrets
    • Surf Maps
    • Critical surf information regarding where and when it's safe to surf
  • Free gear rental (boards, wetsuits, etc)



  • Explain how tides impact waves
  • Demonstrate surfing skills:
    • Proper paddling methods
    • Floating
    • Escaping a rip tide
    • How to duck dive
    • How to turtle
    • How to pop up on the surfboard and more
  • Analyze composition of a wave . . . too steep or good degree of angle – 67 degrees of angle or less for surfing and taking off on a wave
  • Understand surfing safety rules and etiquette
  • Understand surfing culture, history and environmental impacts
  • Understand basics of oceanography and sea life
  • And More



  • I teach all ages and skill levels and adjust my teaching methods accordingly.
  • If you are a newbie, my goal is to quickly get you to a point where you can safely practice on your own with an understanding of basic surfing techniques.
  • My surf camp is the smaller, private style. It is not a “lost in the crowd” type of surf camp. This makes my camp safer and better for my students.
  • Lessons can be customized to teach boogie boarding.



  • Malibu
  • Santa Monica
  • Venice

(If your desired beach location isn't listed, please call to see if arrangements can be made.)


Days of the Week: Monday - Friday


  • Drop-Off: 9AM to 10AM
  • Camp Hours: 10AM to 3PM
  • Pick-Up: 3PM

Duration and Cost - You may schedule camp for a certain number of days or for a certain number of weeks:

  • Per Day: $150.00 Per Person or check the per week prices below.
    • Example 1: Mon, Wed, Fri (3 Days) - Cost will be $150 per person per day.
  • 1 Week: $600.00 Per Person
  • 2 Weeks: $950.00 Per Person
  • 3 Weeks: $1250.00 Per Person
  • 4 Weeks: $1450.00 Per Person
  • Hotel Pick Up add $20 per day



I look forward to hearing from you. I want you to love surfing just as much as I do.

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