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Amazing Stand up paddle board lessons in Ventura and Santa Barbara, California.
Including Malibu, Santa Barbara, and Ventura.
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Learn how to stand up paddle surf in one lesson.
Malibu LongBoards Stand Up Paddle lessons, includes all the gear, boards, paddles and wetsuits.
 All ages and levels welcome.
Stand Up Paddle lessons, SUP rentals and rates 
Stand Up Paddle Board rentals $60 per day
Stand Up Paddle Gift Certificates-Makes a great surf gift.

Hi Matt! Thank you so much for my lesson yesterday- so much fun and yet so mellow!

Thanks! Michele, Marina Del Rey, CA

Find out why Sony Pictures Athletic Dept calls on us to take them StandUP Paddle surfing.

I had so much fun last Sunday at the Paddle Board class you held.  Thanks so much!  I actually took a waterproof camera with me and got some great shots of us in the water. Cheers, Mary

Let me show how fun this sport really is. We almost always encounter dolphins and seals up close and personal.
Sometimes you could say, its a marine life tour or Stand UP paddle surf with the dolphins as they cruise with you.
Its kind of a super peaceful sport with a full core workout going while you easily learn how to stand up paddle.

Private and group Stand Up Paddle lessons packages available.

Call today to reserve. 310.467.6898. sup,
thanks again,

On your first stand up paddleboard lesson you will learn;
How to stand up your paddleboard.
How to paddle on your paddleboard.
How to turn on your paddleboard.
How to fall safely.
How to turn properly.
How to use your stand up paddle for balance support and much more.

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Your best private stand up paddle surf lessons choice.

Also expert surfing instruction taught daily and all levels / ages welcome.
25+ years experience and SMC College level surf instructor teaches surfing in
Ventura group and individual surf lessons year round.

History of Stand Up Paddling Surfing.
The Beach Boys of Hawaii were the first to use the outrigger paddles to catch waves and stand up surf in the 1960's. It was originally called Beach Boy Surfing.  Around the year 2000 a navy seal brought it to California and the sport was born again.
Laird Hamilton, of Maui, Hawaii and Malibu, California totally conquered the most insane waves after that. At any surf spot, he was able to shred it with amazing style. The has been sport has been growing rapidly ever since. From the smallest waves to the coolest water ways,  everyone is discovering this new surfing sport and learning how fun it is to StandUP Paddle Surf.
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Southern California surf lesson 
Surf Lessons click here
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 Matt,  Thanks a ton for the lesson on Friday.  I had a blast and really came away with some great insights into getting better.  I went out again on Saturday morning in San O and had a great day, learned a lot again.  I’ll see you again sometime for sure.  Take care and keep up the fun! Doug.

Hey Matt, it's Amanda. I just wanted to thank you for such an amazing day. I don't think that I would love surfing as much as I do without an awesome instructor like you. Also, thanks for dealing with my slow slow slow paddling

I can't wait til next Friday and our next lesson!
"Hi Matt, thanks so much again. it was amazing and I loved every minute
of it (yes, even the wipeouts)" Alex 13, CA
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Hi Matt,
Thought I'd drop you a quick note to say thanks! My kids thoroughly enjoyed their surfing lessons and by the end of it - they looked like real pro's! (ok, so I'm exagerating slightly!). My thanks to you
 I'll recommend you guys to everyone I know heading your way!

Exciting surf lessons as seen on National TV!
Hi, this is Matt   I specialize in teaching group and one on one private surf lessons all over Calif. and more. Call now for details to improve your surfing abilities. All levels and ages welcome.  I personally teach surfing classes for Santa Monica College and teach surfing for TV/Corp companies like Nike, Red Bull, ABC, Fox Sports, WB and more.

I also provide all sizes surfboards and wetsuits for one on one private surf lessons or special group rates available in South Bay, Malibu, Santa Monica and Ventura surfing lessons.

Call me now at 310.467.6898 or 818.990.7633 to reserve your private surf lesson today.  I know (28 years experience) all the surf spots that will work best for your day and time. click here for my direct email contact. Let me show you how fun this sport really is.

Teaching surfing experience is the key in learning how to surf correctly the first time out in the water.  It is critical that you deal with someone who has ocean experience and that would mean at least 10 years but better if 20 years surfing+ experience. I would say it took me at least that long to figure it all out.

" Hey Matt, Great first surf lesson, thanks again, I know that I am going to take at least one more and a third lesson from you."  Chuck. Surf lesson online sign up form click here. offline please click here to email instead You can pay online with paypal or when you arrive is cool

 New stand up paddle surfing lessons option - Text your surf lessons reservations by cell to 310.467.6898

# 1 Surf School in California. One of the only surf schools in the country teaching surfing at the college level. Santa Monica College No one cares more about you having fun then me! * Insured and Beach Permitted CPR certified instructor 

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"Matt, you are the greatest! I had so much fun! And I will be calling you for some tips."
 Thank you so much, Jill, Burbank, CA

Lisa from LA, CA "I had such a great experience with you,
I had a great lesson, and he really helped me get a grasp on surfing.."

" Hi Matt. I just wanted to say thanks so much for putting that lesson
together on such short notice.  I had such an awesome time.
Joel was a great instructor and I got some really good rides."
Thanks again! Bridget

" Hi Matt, i'm returning to l.a. next week, will be there about ten days.
would love to get in another surf lesson or two..."
best, nicole
alexandria, virginia

Hey Matt, my name is Stephen, you and another girl taught me and my girlfriend Jennifer how to surf back in May at Santa Monica. I just wanted to tell you how stoked I am to have learned to surf. I have gone out almost everyday since that day, (even when the surf is not good) just to be on the my surfboard. Thanks again, surfing has definitely changed my life. Stephen

Call Matt now to reserve your amazing surf lesson 310.467.6898 Surf lessons as seen on National TV! Fox Sports "The Best Damn Sports Show Period" ABC's "The Bachelor WB's "The Sharon Osbourne Show"

GET A FREE 48 mins Malibu Madness Vintage style Surf DVD by with your lesson/certificate! $20.00 Value Free! LIVE ZUMA BEACH CAM
South Bay, Malibu, Santa Barbara, Zuma, Ventura, Rincon surfing lessons
All gear, wet suits, and soft surfboards provided. Find out how fun surfing really is.
Our mission is to make your experience safe and amazingly fun. Private Party Groups welcome.
We are absolutely the most professional, considerate and experienced surfing school in Calif.
ABC TV, WB, Fox Sports TV, Blind Date Nike, Red Bull Inc., City of LA , Santa Monica College, plus numerous hotels, Beverly Hills Hotel, Oceana, Bonniventure, Casa Del Mar, celebs and their families call on us to take them surfing year round. 

California Master Surf Instructors:
 "Christian Andersen" 35 years surfing experience 25 years teaching surfing
  "Jerry Angel" 30 years surfing experience, 20 years teaching surfing
"Matt Rosas" 27 years surfing experience, 15 years teaching surfing
Our competitors don't even come close.
Without a doubt the best surf instruction in Calif.!
As seen on national TV, ABC's Bachelor, Fox Sports and more
Call 310.467.6898 to schedule your lesson today!
thanks again, Matt

Chris H. from Ventura writes..
"Thanks again - we all had a great time and the surfboard for Jeff is perfect."
#1 Source for Southern California Surf Lessons - Free Surf Video included!
Santa Monica, Malibu and Zuma Beach year round.
Free Surfing Tips below.
For surfers by surfers.
Safety is our concern.
Fun is our mission.

New surfing lessons option - Text your surf lessons reservations by cell to 310.467.6898

 What SUP.