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Call/text Matt for my personal surf lesson service at 310.467.6898
Book your lesson online only $75 with free hour of surfing after.
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Learn how to surf in one lesson. 
Here is just some of what I will teach you in one or two hours. All the gear is included - surfboard and wetsuit.  Essentially, you will get the same surf instruction I taught at the college level.  Surfing is like riding energy from the sun. It is the only sport I can do for decades and not get bored.  I look forward to teaching you and your family/friends surfing.
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Los Angeles Times calls him "the coolest guy ever"  Find out how fun this sport really is with a professional surf lesson with Matt.

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Surf Classes in Venice and Santa Monica everyday. 
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Hi Matt, thought I'd drop you a quick note to say thanks! My kids thoroughly enjoyed their surfing lessons and by the end of it - they looked like real pro's! (ok, so I'm exagerating slightly!). My thanks to you. I'll recommend you guys to everyone I know heading your way! Colette

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Learn how to duck dive your surfboard see video lesson at bottom of this page.
Find out why Sony Pictures, Red Bull, ABC, Fox Sports call me to take them surfing.
Parking for surfing in Santa Monica is right next to Casa Del Mar Hotel
2030 Ocean Ave, Santa Monica, CA 90405

Seven days a week - year round - top notch - private & group surf lessons  Venice Beach - Santa Monica - Malibu - Ventura - Santa Barbara

Private and group Surf Lessons - free surfing tips - Learn how to duck dive online video demo  Stand Up Paddle Lessons  
Marina Del Rey, Venice, Santa Moncia, Pacific Palisades, Sunset, Malibu,  Santa Barbara

Two hour surf lessons with gear. Order as many as you like or add additional peeps.
Free hour of surfing after lesson!

One hour surf lesson with gear. Order as many as you like or add additional peeps.
Free hour of surfing after lesson!

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In the LA area? Go ahead and text your reservation option to 310.467.6898
We are surfing. I am at the beach everyday - ready. My mission is to get you to be able to practice properly after one surfing lesson.

Amazing World Class
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24 hour hotline for reservations and questions. Call us for your next surf party, surf event or surf group.
Your best private surf lessons choice officially permitted to teach surfing in Santa Monica and Malibu.
Call Matt at 310.467.6898 for your surf lessons reservations.  Or text your surf lesson reservation to 310.467.6898.

Hey Matt, it's Amanda. I just wanted to thank you for such an amazing day. I don't think that I would love surfing as much as I do without an awesome instructor like you. Also, thanks for dealing with my slow slow slow paddling. I can't wait til next Friday and our next lesson!

 Parking and directions for Santa Monica Surf Lesson Surf Camp Surf Class location: 

Lot 4 South
2030 Ocean Ave. Santa Monica, CA 90405 google map

From westbound Interstate 10 Santa Monica freeway, take the 4th/5th Street exit and stay to the left. Turn left onto 4th Street. Turn right onto Pico Blvd. (second signal). Go west past Main Street to the second signal. Take a diagonal left turn onto Ocean Avenue (not the hard left onto Neilson Way). Continue along Ocean Avenue and watch for blue parking lot signs. Next Lifeguard tower 20 directly infront of Casa Del Hotel. You can call when you park. Malibu location varies, call first. Weekend group Surf Class option 

Private one on one surf lessons always welcome. Get a 3-pack of surfing lessons and save big!

I use the best equipment known to man. My surfboards cost 3x to 5x more than my competitors - find out why.
If your surf instructor has less than 20 years surfing experience, bail is best. There are more qualified surf instructor options available to you. Go with the real deal.


Thanks a ton for the lesson on Friday.  I had a blast and really came away with some great insights into getting better.  I went out again on Saturday morning in San O and had a great day, learned a lot again.  I’ll see you again sometime for sure.  Take care and keep up the fun! Doug.

Free surfing tips
below on this page.

"Hi Matt, thanks so much again. it was amazing and I loved every minute of it (yes, even the wipeouts)" Alex 13, CA

Exciting surf lessons as seen on National TV!
Hi, this is Matt   I specialize in teaching group and one on one private surf lessons all over Calif. and more. Call now for details to improve your surfing abilities. All levels and ages welcome.  I personally teach surfing classes for Santa Monica College and teach surfing for TV/Corp companies like Nike, Red Bull, ABC, Fox Sports, WB and more.

I also provide all sizes surfboards and wetsuits for one on one private surf lessons or special group rates available in South Bay, Malibu, Santa Monica and Ventura surfing lessons.

 I know (28 years experience) all the surf spots that will work best for your day and time. Let me show you how fun this sport really is.

Teaching surfing experience is the key in learning how to surf correctly the first time out in the water.  It is critical that you deal with someone who has ocean experience and that would mean at least 10 years but better if 20 years surfing+ experience. I would say it took me at least that long to figure it all out.

" Hey Matt, Great first surf lesson, thanks again, I know that I am going to take at least one more and a third lesson from you."  Chuck.You can pay online with paypal or when you arrive is cool

Hey Matt,
My friend Carla and I had a great time during our first lesson!! 
Thank you! We're very happy and enthusiastic about surfing! 
Thank you very much !!!! 
Alessia Silverlake, CA

# 1 Surf School in California. One of the only surf schools in the country teaching surfing at the college level. Santa Monica College No one cares more about you having fun then me! * Insured and Beach Permitted CPR certified instructor.

Hi Matt,
Had a lot of fun at my lesson last week.  Do you have an opening this coming Tuesday morning around 10am?
Jerry Jacobs

I am from New Orleans and was recently in LA on Business trip.  Matt worked with my schedule and gave me the opportunity to take a lesson.  I learned more in one day than the 2 years I have spent surfing on my own.  I surf the Gulf Coast and I have been able to take back with me valuable experience I might not have been able to obtain.  I recommend anyone experienced or not to take a lesson with Matt!

Hi Matt,

I just wanted to say thank you for my surfing lessons. I really appreciate your willingness to teach me yourself. I feel really safe and comfortable with you and that is very helpful since I am self-conscious due to my fitness level and body size. I am committed to becoming a skilled surfer and look forward to learning more.
See you soon.

Warm Regards,
Stacey Moore

Hi – just wanted to thank you for the lessons on Sunday and Monday – I had a great time! I’m back at work now, but wish I could still be on the beach with y’all… all the best - until next time!

Hey Matt,

Diana gave me your card so I could send you some pictures from the surf lesson that Carolyn and I had with you and Jay last week. Thanks again, we had so much fun!

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"Matt, you are the greatest! I had so much fun! And I will be calling you for some tips."
 Thank you so much, Jill, Burbank, CA

Lisa from LA, CA "I had such a great experience with you,
I had a great lesson, and he really helped me get a grasp on surfing.."

" Hi Matt. I just wanted to say thanks so much for putting that lesson
together on such short notice.  I had such an awesome time.
Joel was a great instructor and I got some really good rides."
Thanks again! Bridget

Ok Matt, I am totally convinced I should reserve my surf lesson with you.
Book your surfing lesson online

" Hi Matt, i'm returning to l.a. next week, will be there about ten days.
would love to get in another surf lesson or two..."
best, nicole
alexandria, virginia
Malibu & Santa Monica summer Surf and Beach Day Camps

Hey Matt, my name is Stephen, you and another girl taught me and my girlfriend Jennifer how to surf back in May at Santa Monica. I just wanted to tell you how stoked I am to have learned to surf. I have gone out almost everyday since that day, (even when the surf is not good) just to be on the my surfboard. Thanks again, surfing has definitely changed my life. Stephen

South Bay, Malibu, Santa Monica, Zuma, Ventura, Rincon surfing lessons

We are absolutely the most professional, considerate and experienced surfing school in Calif.

ABC TV, WB, Fox Sports TV, Blind Date Nike, Red Bull Inc., City of LA , Santa Monica College, plus numerous hotels, Beverly Hills Hotel, Oceana, Bonniventure, Casa Del Mar, celebs and their families call on us to take them surfing year round. 
California Master Surf Instructors:
 "Christian Andersen" 35 years surfing experience 25 years teaching surfing
  "Jerry Angel" 30 years surfing experience, 20 years teaching surfing
"Matt Rosas" 27 years surfing experience, 15 years teaching surfing
Our competitors don't even come close.
Chris H. from Ventura writes.. "Thanks again - we all had a great time and the surfboard for Jeff is perfect."

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Hey it was a pleasure meeting you Matt and I appreciate the great job you did for us out there.  Surfing was really cool and I know the kids loved it! Rod

Picture below is for on location FOX SPORTS Surf Lessons
 for the "Best Damn Sports Show Period" That is NFL Rams cheerleader Lisa. Online Surf Shop link, with free shipping in USA!

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Malibu Surf Lessons

Hi, this is Call 310.467.6898 to reserve a surf lesson or email is cool.
I am sure we can exceed your surfing expectations. Whatever your request we can set that up for you. We offer private surf lessons for groups and individuals. The surf lesson includes everything, surfboards and wet suit. The private lesson last about 2 hours and you get about 20 to 30 rides. One surf lesson with us is like 3 lessons anywhere else. The private lessons are done year round. Typically, after one lesson you are good enough to practice on your own. We can assess that again when you do the lesson. All lessons are done at Zuma Beach and Santa Monica Beach by appointment only. We go over the surf instruction for about 15 minutes on shore getting it all perfected on shore first and then spend the rest of the time in the water.

PS. If your surf instructor does not consider the tides for that day you are getting ripped off.
Ask your instructor how the tide is? This not only determines your ride length but your safety as well.
We always go for the best tide for safety and ride length. It would be like taking a snow board or ski lesson when there is no snow. I want to make sure you get the longest rides possible.
If everything is good, you will achieve wave rides for 20 to 30 seconds.
This is better than most surfers get in their first year of surfing. That is what gets me stoked!
This is only sport I know of that I can do 25 years in a row and not get bored.

Editors Note

Online Surf School, 8 free how to surf basics video clips click here 

When I first started surfing 25 years ago, I spent the first six months trying to catch a wave on my 6'4 Plastic Fantastic. I was totally frozen in my spring suit but I was still stoked on surfing.
Finally, I caught my first real wave and the stoke continues decades later.
Surfing is a very tricky deal and surf lessons can help eliminate some of the pains and sufferings a beginner can have. The location for learning should be a surf spot noted for an easy entry into the wave. A nice mellow slow roller is perfect.  Thanks again, Matt

Basic SURF TIPS, Surfing gear, Surfing Rules.
Surfboards. The long and short of it.
The surfboard size is probably the most critical gear choice. When in doubt get the bigger one.
It will make it easier to start learning. Start with a used board or soft board is a good idea.
If you have questions on what size board is right for you. Email me at with your height and weight and I will get right back with some suggestions.

Leash and wet suit. A leash is a must and should be the same length or longer than the surfboard in most cases. Wet suits are not optional in most areas of Southern California. A full suit is the usual in the Fall, Winter and Spring. Make sure you get one that fits snug but not restricting.

Surf Wax. You use this for grip.

Where to surf is a biggie. There are some spots that are better for beginning and more friendly than others. It is best to email if you are not sure. 

The paddle out.
Make sure you study the waves if they have any size before you paddle out.
You are looking for the best spot to paddle out with the least amount of white water resistance. Watch others who paddle out and see where it is easiest. Then walk out until you get about waist deep( most areas )and get your stroke going and paddle as hard as you can. Keep your chest up when you paddle for more power.

Picking your wave. Timing takes time. Just like a baseball batter waiting for the pitch,  the surfer is waiting for the wave, sets and then paddles to catch it. The timing required usually comes with surfing experience or jump started with a professional surf lesson. Try to start with the small waves first. Start in the white water if you are having trouble getting out. Watch others who are successfully catching waves. Pay attention to when and where they start paddle from when they catch a wave. That is close to what will work for that day. Paddle until you feel the momentum of the wave under your board and then goto stand up.

The Pop Up. Practice this at home if you want. You want to be able to pop up to stand in one motion. Bringing your feet underneath your body without using your knees. It can take a little practice. Note: There are some pros who don't pop up like this but it is really rare.

Now you are surfing. To go faster lean or move forward on the board. . To slow down lean or move back on the board.

Important Surf Rules.
Generally, speaking the person closest to the curl or the white water is the owner of that wave.
If you take a wave in front or behind that person already surfing you would be penalized if it was a surfing contest. It is a good idea to surf by this rule.... contest or not. original surf pics click here 
Thanks again,

Hi Matt,

Daniella here ( English girl who you taught to surf) . Just to say a big thanks for the surf lessons two weeks ago.  They really were FANTASTIC.
Thanks again, you were a great teacher and I had so much fun.


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