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Malibu Longboards Surf Club

This club was started to bring together longboarders who share a common interest in surfing. All members are invited to go on various surf excursions in the SoCal area. Once every couple of months or so, a surf location is scouted and explored by the members. Join us for the next insane surf trip.

Any size boarder is welcome! Out-of-staters are always welcome!

Here is what you get when you become a member of the Malibu Longboards Surf Club:

  • Malibu Longboards T-Shirt: Value - $22.00
  • Malibu Longboards Surf Emblem: Value - $9.00
  • Malibu Madness Longboard Video: Value - $15.00
  • Planned surf excursions bi-monthly with friendly surfers. Value – Priceless
  • In addition you will receive a new Malibu Longboards T-Shirt, a new video and a new surf emblem each year you re-enroll


All About Our Malibu Longboards T-Shirt

Our Malibu Longboard T-Shirts are top quality 100% cotton, heavy duty, pre-shrunk beefy tees. They are made locally and feature scenes from the our longboard video “Malibu Madness.” Sizes range from S thru XXL

All About Our Malibu Longboards Surf Emblems

Our Surf Emblems are primo looking, durable, plastic emblems that attach to your car or any other hard surface. They are coated in a tough, UV resistant chrome finish, so they really stand out. They are perfect for your car or truck and look just like they came from the factory. They measure 4 inches by 4.5 inches and fit perfectly on almost any vehicle.

You have a choice of one of 3 styles: Barrel, Longboard Guy and Longboard Girl. All versions have been slightly updated.

All About Our “Malibu Madness!” Longboard Video”

This is a classic vintage style longboard video filmed entirely at Malibu, Topanga and County Line, CA. It contains raw footage of the best beaches (including Surfrider), great surfing, summer swells, off-shore winds, deer roaming, hurricane driven swells, five on a wave, 50 second rides, tandem, insane glassy waves, hot chicks, old dudes, young dudes, classic longboarding and much much more.

Features amazing video cover art, "The Bu" by Dan Meske, along with music by retro band Splashback. A must for any surf video collection

Click here for a preview


Please call (310.467.6898) or email me ( to arrange payment and to find out when and where we are meeting or Click Here. Please be prepared to provide the following information:

  • Name
  • Complete Address
  • Phone and E-mail Address
  • Shipping Instructions
  • Quantity
  • Total Cost
  • Payment Information
  • T-Shirt Size
  • Emblem Choice

Thank you. I look forward to hearing from you.

(310) 467 6898
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Longboard Collectors Club

Doheny State Beach, CA.
We hold several events throughout the year including a pig roast all for only $20 per year. For membership information email or
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Organizations That I Support - Hope You Will Too

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