1970's VW camper van Calif survivior.  Super fun beach or VW camping ride. Cheap to maintain and very reliable for a 40 year old classic VW Camper.
Commercial film/signage work welcome. This bus is reserved for film work until Dec 27th.  Let your VW Bus adventure begin. This thing is FUN TO DRIVE. Front DISC BRAKES!

Adopt Sir Puff.
  The old timer still has it in him and he refuses to quit the VW BUS California beach party.  
He is ready and wants to work daily.
CLICK Here for youtube test drive video  1
test drive video 2 click here
1970 vw bus, camper, poptop, vanagon

1970 Classic VW Bus Camper Pop Top Westfalia Volkswagon Van.

Registered, clean title 1970 Volkswagon California Westy Camper Van. 

Mechanics are sound, lights work and less than 6000 miles on 1600 dual port engine rebuild.  New rear brakes!
The strengths on this Classic VW Bus are the drivable engine , tranny, brakes, tires and rest of the electrical working with  ALL stock working gauges - SPEEDO and GAS..
Good presentalble 40 yr old ride.
The DASH lights and wipers work. Even the cig lighter works for CELL/LAPTOP charging.
Have it parked at the Los Angeles beach area parking lots for you. " google, redbull, yahoo, sony, paramount, Santa Monica/Malibu/Hollywood surfing office extension for peeps "
It runs like a top. 
Drive to Jones Beach, New York and back as is. Would make a great cosmetic project or drivable 1970 time machine.  Looks insane at 10 foot style.
1970 VW Bus originally is white and comes with a nice backyard paint job currently.

Nearly complete original camper equipment as is.  Missing some rear side wood/ back upper.
Tinted windows all around. Pro job on the tinted windows..
Almost all original interior with fold out bed, sink, refrig, electrical hook ups, original door panels/storage/tables and original front seats upholstery in place! 
The non stock SONY AMFM Cassette/Clock radio works from the single stock dash speaker. 
Crank up the tunes and pop up the top, they don't make em like this anymore. 
No front windshield rust, no pan rust under except for passenger side front  foot area and battery tray.
thanks again, 
email for more pics and any pics you want.
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